The keto diet

This is a popular question I get so often. What do I think about the ketogenic diet?

It’s one of the most stupid diets that exist. It’s restrictive, unnecessary and unsustainable long term.

If you ever consider starting the Keto diet, ask yourself a question

For the rest of your life, do you think you can live without eating carbs? Pasta, pizza, tacos, rice, cake, donuts etc?

The answer is most probably no.

So why put yourself through that suffering as a means to lose weight? As discussed in other articles, weight loss and weight gain is determined by energy balance, calories consumed vs calories burned

If you’re consistently consuming more than you need you will gain weight, if you’re consistently consuming less than you need, you’ll lose weight

So what you need to do is understand your daily calorie needs (using the calculator and other articles in the academy) and make the relevant changes to your diet to reach your goals

The keto diet removes a whole macronutrient group, carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, although we don’t need them to survive, provide a great source of energy for the body as well as essential vitamins and minerals

Often people on the keto diet complain of lack of energy, let alone the restrictions it causes

Carbs are not the enemy, just like proteins and fats aren’t either. You don’t need to omit any macronutrient.

On a final note about keto. What’s more important, seeing your kid, partner or someone you love enjoying themselves on their birthday and eating cake with them, or telling them you can’t eat cake and enjoy the moment with them because your diet doesn’t allow it?

What’s more important, cuddling with a loved one when they don’t feel well and eating pizza, or telling them you can’t eat it because of your keto diet?

Tacos? After a fun night out making new friends, are you going to not eat tacos because of a stupid diet or live in the moment and enjoy life?

The point in dieting is for it to compliment our lifestyles, not cause issues. 

We are supposed to enjoy life and everything it has to offer and there are so many delicious foods that we should be enjoying, not avoiding because of a restrictive diet.

Keto is stupid, restrictive and unnecessary.

In 30-40 years, none of that will matter, you’re better off enjoying your foods and learning how you can include them in your diet whilst still reaching your health goals, not sacrificing the tastier things in life in pursuit of an unsustainable diet!


  • Keto is stupid, restrictive and unnecessary 
  • If you think you can live your whole life never eating carbs, keto is fine, but don’t lie to yourself
  • There’s more important things in life than dieting, we can achieve our health goals whilst still enjoying the foods we consume
  • Keto is only recommended to people that suffer with epilepsy as it’s been shown to help


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