How To Use The Academy 

Firstly, approach the academy with an open mind and try to forget a lot of what you’ve read and been told regarding nutrition before and be open to learning new methods and ideas. This will really help you start to change your mindset and approach to living a healthier lifestyle.

I understand you’ll be excited to start cooking some recipes but I suggest checking the “essential” reading section as there’s some really important information there and articles on nutrition & mindset 

The calorie calculator. This will give you an estimation of the calories you need, however, be sure to read the linked articles and video so you know how to use it.

The recipes. At the moment, the recipes will appear as a mixture of different meals, breakfast, snacks, dinner etc. As the academy develops, these will be categorised to make navigating them easier! Be sure to check out the video that explains some of the features available

The private Facebook group.

The Facebook group is for support. There will be a lot of you on similar health journey’s and being around people that are on the same mission can make it easier to achieve your goals. Please don’t spam in the group as it’ll effect what people see.

It’s important we keep the group full of good information and encouragement for others on their journey.

Although I will be active in the group, please try to avoid tagging me unless it’s something urgent! I want to use the time to be creating recipes and articles for you in the academy :)

I do encourage engaging with other group members, it’s a great way to make friends and support each other so if you are sharing food photo’s or your fat loss photo’s, be sure to support other group members, our words of encouragement can make a big difference to someone’s day!

You can join the group using this link:


This is new, things will change based on your feedback and things will constantly improve as the academy grows. If you have any issues that are urgent, you can contact us at




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