Cooking Club Membership

What’s Included

Access to my recipes & videos

New recipes added weekly

Private Facebook community & support group

Access to live stream cooking

Nutrition advice & lessons

Live Q & A’s with me in the support group

Frequently asked questions

What is the cooking club and how will it help me?
It’s a virtual cooking club with nutrition coaching, support & a private community that helps you improve your health whilst saving time & money in the process
How will I save time and money?
You’ll learn how to organize your meals and nutrition using time saving strategies and because you’ll be cooking more, you’ll save more money monthly than the cost of the membership!
Can the recipes help me lose weight or help me feel more energetic and healthier?

Yes! The recipes are designed to be very nutritious and low in calories. Between the calorie calculator, the recipes and the support group you’ll have all the tools you need to burn some fat and live a healthier life with more energy

How will I receive support?

In the Facebook support group you can post photo’s of the recipes you’ve cooked and receive feedback as well as ask questions. There will be live Q&A sessions discussing different topics from cooking to nutrition and fat loss.

I don’t have time, is the cooking club right for me?

My main goal with the cooking club is to help you save time and money whilst eating healthier. You’ll learn strategies that’ll reduce your monthly food bill and time spent cooking whilst eating much better quality food

Do I have to be a good cook to join?

Not at all. I’ve simplified the recipes and they’re suitable for everyone

How are the live stream cooking sessions?

You’ll have access to the recipe, time and date a few days before. I’ll start a livestream in the group and you can cook along live or at a later date if you can’t join the live transmission


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