Social media & it’s effects on mental & physical health

I’ve said for a long time, if I wasn’t building a business on social media, I wouldn’t have the apps downloaded. If used right, it can be beneficial, if used wrong, it can be toxic and can have huge implications on mental & physical health.

How can something as simple as photo’s, words and short videos have such negative effects?

We live in a world where we’re surrounded by constant reminders of what we “should” look like and constantly comparing ourselves to others rather than focusing on ourselves and our own journey in life.

Most of us want that “dream body” 

Most of us also want that “dream body” NOW.

One quick look on social media to see a guy with an incredible 6 pack or a woman with the perfect hips and legs can be enough to trigger anxiety and in some cases depression.

So it’s no surprise that people are looking for quick fixes to get the body of their dreams as soon as possible

You then become a marketers dream client

The industry prays on peoples weaknesses, as do many of these so called “inspirational” people you follow

They’re quick to sell you a useless plan that you could get anywhere on the internet for free or supplements that are a waste of money, and in some cases, damaging to the body.

However, they aren’t so quick to tell you that what they’ve achieved has took them years to build, discipline and sometimes (unnecessary) sacrifice 

Instead, they use their bodies to convince you that their 6 week plans or their useless supplements will help you achieve similar results. It’s unfair.

So if you want my advice?

All those accounts you follow that give you anxiety, that make you feel bad about yourself and make you start comparing yourself to others? Unfollow them. 

There’s good, honest people out there that genuinely want to help out, however, there’s more that are only interested in taking your money.

Follow people that actually inspire you, whose words give you encouragement and educate you.

Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, people selling diet plans & supplements etc

You’ll be surprised even after reading this how you’ll start to notice it a lot more now where as before you may have not noticed it as much


  • Be careful who you follow on social media and who you take your advice from. Often people you see as your inspiration are some of the most toxic people out there
  • Focus on you and your own journey, that’s the one that really matters. Small progress daily will be more beneficial long term than looking for quick fixes
  • Get rid of the toxic accounts you follow that leave you feeling bad & start to follow people and accounts that actually inspire you for the right reasons 



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