Setting realistic goals 

Outcome goals are great. You want to lose 30kg of fat as soon as possible. Initial motivation gets you feeling energetic then as the days and weeks pass, the motivation starts to fade and you fall back into old habits.

We’ve ALL been there & it’s ok.

But something people often forget is the process and actually enjoying it rather than seeing it as a struggle.

Rather than focusing on the 30kg you want to lose, focus on staying consistent weekly.

Rather than seeing cooking and dieting as something you don’t enjoy, try to embrace the positive changes you’re making.

We all want everything straight away, but unfortunately with fat loss or muscle gain, for it to be sustainable, it isn’t as simple as that, so, you better enjoy the journey otherwise it isn’t going to be easy!

However, the journey is rewarding. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re moving towards your health goals, creating new disciplines and sometimes even a new identity.

Consistency is key. There will be days, even whole weeks where you aren’t feeling up to it, but it’s in those times you need to fight to keep on track.

Big goals are amazing to have, but when it comes to something like health and fat loss, everywhere we look on social media and TV, there’s ads that make us feel bad about ourselves and can easily trigger anxiety and stress around our current health situation.

That’s where breaking the goals down into smaller steps makes seeing the progress much easier.

So my advice would be

If you have a lot of weight to lose, embrace that and enjoy the journey you’re about to start. 

Rather than focusing on the excess weight and how bad it makes you feel in the moment, focus on yourself and making small wins, consistently.

The weight loss is just one part, cooking more at home and improving your skills is equally just as fun of a journey too.

So what happens when you have a bad day or week?

It’s easy to feel you’ve lost all your progress, that causes stress and what do we do when we’re stressed? Yep, eat! 

And the cycle continues.

Instead, just be more compassionate to yourself. You’re only human. 

The important thing is to try and get back and re focus as soon as possible. Just as you can gain momentum and move towards fat loss, it’s easy to lose the momentum too and fall back into old ways.

You can even write down your weekly wins and progress you’ve made so you can reflect on it whenever you aren’t feeling as motivated, you’ll be surprised how powerful this can be in improving your mindset!

As I always say, consistency is so important. Without it, it’ll be a difficult journey.