Money & Time Saving Tips

Time. The one thing we CAN’T get back. I HATE wasting time and nothing brings more stress to my life than having to constantly go shopping, travelling to a supermarket, parking & then shopping!

My advice?

Start ordering online. If you’re loyal to a supermarket and prefer that option, most have home delivery’s. Yes, you may pay a little for delivery, but it works out much cheaper from a time saved perspective and convenience wise. And besides, we all know how it goes. We head to the supermarket with a shopping list of good intentions and end up leaving with stuff we never, EVER needed.

Try to find local business online that deliver veg, meat and fish, it takes a little research on the internet but it’s well worth it.

I’ve even gotten to the point where I bulk order meats and freeze them into weighed out portions (some companies even do this) Yes, fresh is better, but I prefer to save time!

Again, don’t look at all this as an inconvenience but try to look at it as a way of saving yourself time and money. It takes a little research and planning finding the right companies etc but long term the benefits are well worth it!


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