Water is essential for life. Without water, humans can only survive for a few days. Humans are over 60% water so if you weigh 100lbs? 60 pounds of that is water! Crazy right?

Apart from stopping us feeling de hydrated, here are waters main functions

It transports nutrients and oxygen which plays an important role in cell growth and repair and helps flush toxins from the body

Water plays a vital role in digesting various nutrients which our body needs to function at it’s best

It acts as a lubricant for our joints and is needed by our digestive tract to work properly

It also works as a regulator for body temperature. In heat or during exercise the body temperature raises and the bodies reaction is to sweat as a means to cool us down

However, not all water is the same and this is something we should really be playing close attention to

Often, we assume water is water and as long as it’s clean, we should drink it, right?

Not exactly. The water most people drink is “purified water” this is clean water that’s been treated, often with harsh chemicals. However, there is other water available that is better for us and that’s untreated water that’s full of minerals which is essential for optimal health.

How much water should you drink?

It’s too hard to give an estimate because there’s so many factors involved from a persons activity levels to environment, however, a good marker is urine, if it’s a light yellow or clear colour, that’s a great sign you are hydrated, if it’s darker, that’s a sign you are dehydrated.

By the time you are thirsty and craving water, that’s a sign you’re already dehydrated. Even 2% dehydration can have negative effects on from reduced cognitive function, dizziness to tiredness.

So yes, water is extremely important. Make sure you’re constantly hydrated and ideally from a great source too!