How To Track Calories & Macros


  • Don’t feel overwhelmed! Tracking calories is liberating and the most accurate way to get long term results without having to restrict foods. Like anything new, it may take a little time to get used to it!
  • Always weigh your foods raw and track them raw. For liquids, track them using a measuring jug if you have! Ingredients weight will fluctuate during the cooking process so tracking uncooked is most accurate
  • If using cooked ingredients, ideally scan the barcode on the packet for more accurate results
  • The app is great, however, sometimes there can be some misrepresented entries and the numbers may not be right on some products, however, the more you get used to tracking, the easier it’ll be to notice
  • Although tracking is the most accurate way to get results, it isn’t for everyone, however, if you don’t really understand foods nutritional values, I highly suggest you track for a few weeks to get a better understanding of foods nutritional values, it makes it much easier in the future when making food choices
  • If your food doesn’t have a barcode on, enter the ingredients in the app with USDA before the name of the ingredient, for example USDA Blueberries. USDA stands for U.S department of agriculture and their calculations are quite accurate!
  • Toggling “steps” off is important otherwise the app monitors your steps and adds calories on to make up for the calories you burn walking in the day, this isn’t a good thing!
  • When eating out, the best thing you can do is guess unfortunately. If you go for a pizza you could log a pizza from Dominoes for example. This isn’t ideal and you’re always better overestimating the calories than under!