Counting Calories 

Counting calories is the most accurate way to get consistent results long term. 


By weighing your food and counting the calories, it’s easier to be consistent with your daily energy intake instead of guessing how many calories you’re consuming.

Some people love it, some people hate it. It’s a new skill you have to learn and when starting it can be a little overwhelming.

I used to hate it. Now I love it. It’s liberating and allows a lot more flexibility in your diet.

But like I said, not everybody loves it so here’s my recommendation 

If you’ve never counted calories before, I do recommend you do it for 1 month minimum.

You’ll learn so much about the foods you regularly consume and their nutritional values. Some foods you thought were “bad” may be a lot less calories than you think and some of the foods you think are “healthy” may be a lot higher in calories than you think

By counting calories, it’ll help you develop good habits in the future and you’ll have a better understanding of how many calories you’re consuming, even if you stop counting them

You have to understand too, it’s a new skill you’re learning. Don’t give up on it if at first it feels a little difficult. Like anything in life, if we want to progress and get better, we have to work on the things that help us improve and I promise you, learning about the foods you consume consistently will help you when working on your health goals.

Although it’s the most accurate way to reach goals, it doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals if you don’t count calories. For some people it just isn’t viable but there will be articles on strategies to use when you don’t want to count calories!


  • Counting calories is the most accurate way to get results but isn’t the only way
  • Counting calories, at least for a few weeks or month will help you understand more about your own eating habits and the nutritional values in the foods you eat a lot
  • It isn’t for everyone. It can be stressful, overwhelming and some people can even be a little neurotic with it
  • It’s a tool that can help us but also requires repetition and practice to become easier 

So now you know why counting calories is important, check out the calorie calculator in the academy and see how many calories you need and check out the other related articles too


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