Not Your Typical Diet Food

As a chef and certified nutritionist, I understand what it takes to balance flavour and calories whilst simplifying recipes. If you want to eat healthier but struggle with ideas of what to eat and prefer recipes that don’t have a long list of ingredients, this recipe e-book is perfect for you.

As the title says “not your typical diet food” this e-book is full of incredible nutritious recipes that you wouldn’t typically think of as meals you could include daily as part of your diet.

You don’t have to restrict the foods you love. You just need to find a balance between eating nutritious foods and “fun” foods.

This approach has helped my clients live healthier lives because no foods are restricted. It’s much more sustainable.

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Launch Date: May 15th 2022

Some of the recipes in the e-book…

What’s inside the ebook?

  • 50+ calorie controlled recipes
  • Pictures with full ingredients list, measurements, calories & macros for each recipe
  • Step by step instructions
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & dessert options
  • Single serving & shared recipes
  • Ingredient substitutions & recommendations
  • Helpful tips and notes

I asked my online community what they think of the recipes…

Frequent Questions


Will I receive a printed version of the book?

No! It’s an e-book. You’ll be able to download it to your phone or computer and have easy access whenever you need it without having to worry about getting it dirty!

Do I have to be a good cook to make the recipes?

No. The recipes are very easy to follow. So even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen, you’ll be ok!

Are the recipes only for people that workout?

No. Although the book is called “not your typical diet food” the recipes are for anyone that wants to eat more nutritious food and enjoy some treats without feeling guilty


What if I don’t like some of the ingredients or I can’t find them?

The ingredients are very accessible and available in supermarkets. There’s a page in the book that suggests simple swaps. For example, if you don’t like fish, there’s recommendations on what you can use instead

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